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Garden Services

Your garden is a huge head turner when it comes to your landscape. We offer many services to maintain and improve your garden beds. With  re-occurring scheduled services you can have your garden beds all around looking great all year long!

Service List

Dead Heading and Trimming

Through the year your plants and other desirable vegetation in your garden bed will wilt off and dead, having a new growth take its place. We stay on top of dead heading and trimming to keep your garden looking vibrant. Ornamental Trees also will put off new growth shoots at the bottoms of the trunk, trimming of these will leave a clean look to your garden beds.

Bed Cleaning

Simple as it sounds, we offer re-occurring garden cleaning services. Weed control, trash, unwanted vegetation or irrigation eyesores, leaving the foundation for your garden looking as good as the contents.

Garden Bed Installations

Recessed to Raised we do them all to meet what ever needs you have as a homeowner. With the correct steps taken to unsure your garden bed is as simple and enjoyable as physically possible. Landscape barrier and anti wearing materials will unsure long life and protection of you new investment.

Planting and Transplanting

Perennials, annuals, cacti and trees we do it all. On all our installs we offer 1 year free replacements on all materials 1 Quart or bigger. Brighten up your gardens with annual coloring plans leaving your beds beautiful all year. Perennials and Cacti are a great main piece to any garden bed, though these materials will continue to grow year after year they will need transplanting and splitting to keep your beds a clean and crisp look.

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