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Lawn Maintenance and Upkeep

Full Service Maintenance and Clean Up

We strive to make your yard look the best on the block and attention to detail is how we do it. Call us today to get a free quote and see what we can do for your lawn. Work with us and find out how you can bring out the best in your yard with simple and effective methods

Service List

Full Lawn Service

Full lawn services include Mowing with option of bagging or mulching, edging to keep the curb looking clean, weed eating to get a level even cut in the tight spaces, blowing off of the lawn for any leaves or debris and sweeping of accumulated lawn clippings to give your lawn a 5 star look.

Sod and Patch Repair

For new Lawns or for repairs on your matured grass. We offer sod services and patch repair to get your lawn back to pristine shape. We know pets and mother nature can put a dent in your yard. let us professionally excavate, level ,and seamlessly repair your lawn.

Fertilizing and Overseeding

To give your bermuda lawn a boost in the spring and summer months get on with our fertilizing schedule to help Boost your lawn Growth and Prevent Weeds in your lawn. For fescue Lawns we offer overseeding services,


Dethatching is a great service for thick bermuda and other hybrid grasses that will collect a layer of dead grass under the growing canopy. Dethatching will run special blades through the grass to pick up and remove the dead grass, leaving new room for green and healthy growth


The dirt and clay found in West Texas is no force to be reckoned with and sometimes it can make any growth impossible. Aerating your lawn  is a simple and effective way to open up air through your soil and give more space for new growth

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