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Top Notch Service

What We Provide

Lawn Maintenance and Upkeep

To keep your lawn looking the best on the block we offer a wide variety of lawn services; Mowing, edging , surface cleaning , aerating ,fertilizing and other services to get the most out of your lawn


Garden Services

Your garden is a huge head turner when it comes to your landscape. We offer many services to Maintain and improve your garden beds with weed and unwanted vegetation control and mulch updating and re mixing

Coloring and Planting Services

With every great landscape and design, colors in the beds and pots are essential! Let us plan and design your colors. We offer great plan types and a wide variety of choices with warrantys on most installs.


Fencing and Curbing Work

We offer many options and styles for what fence type would fit your lifestyle best. Concrete footing and and garden curbing is also a great pet barrier or uplifting touch to your landscape. All constructions come with 3 year warranties.

Landscape Design and Construction

Full Spectrum Design

From dream to reality we can design it all, Starting with a  3D virtual design to give  you an idea of what you can experience with your landscape before any hard changes. Once you decide what landscape is best for your needs we can get to work on the best preparation for the best foundation and preventive materials, for years of solid structure and enjoyment. Call us today and get multiple free estimates for your yard and see what Magic we can work on your yard!


Christmas Lighting and Outdoor Decor

Customer Favorite

Light up your house with beautiful colors and Festive decorations and let lawn wizards bring to life your winter wonderland. We offer one low Price that will cover installation,maintenance and take down. With durable materials and attention to detail we can make your house a spectacle view during the holidays.

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